The Path of Tracciolino

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The "Tracciolino" is a small piece of art that has no equal in the Alps, whose construction dates back to the thirties. Bridges and tunnels in the mountains, often bravely constructed on overhanging rocks, to allow small wagons to bring men and material from the dam in Val dei Ratti to the outlet in Val Codera.
The whole view from Lake Mezzola (left) to Val Chiavenna (right)
Novate Mezzola
Pozzo di Riva
The quarry of Novate Mezzola
Lake Mezzola and the Codera River
Lake Mezzola
Val Chiavenna
Lake Mezzola
Pian di Spagna
Pian di Spagna and a glimpse of Lake Como in the background
Ruins near S. Giorgio
The view of Val Codera
San Giorgio
Cableway of San Giorgio
The view from San Giorgio
Paintings inside the Fountain of San Giorgio
The Cemetery of San Giorgio
The village of Cola (top-right)
A gallery along the Tracciolino
San Giorgio from the Tracciolino
Alpe Motta
Great view from the central part of the Tracciolino Path
The Path
The Path, carved in the stone
The little railway
Railway switch
Reflection of the light on Lake Mezzola, with the Mera River on the right
Lake Mezzola
The estuary of Codera River
A great view of the Nature Reserve Pian di Spagna

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